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It’s conference season and, as you might expect, Jason and I have been on the road covering a bunch of them. It’s always great to see what the disruptive players in the market are doing — and this year did not disappoint. But there is one thing that repeatedly happens that just gets under my skin: transformation-washing. As Jason explained in a Forbes article over a year ago, ‘washing’ is when a vendor (or pundit) applies a buzzword loosely in an overt attempt to attach themselves to its buzz. And transformation-washing is rampant. At virtually every event vendors bombarded the attendees with all the reasons that this tool or that solution was the driving force behind digital transformation. Unquestionably, many of these tools are innovative and represent genuine breakthroughs. But no tool, in and of itself, can lay claim to being digital transformation-in-a-bottle.... (more)

Take Social Media Privacy Into Your Own Hands

By Steve McMaster - I’ve gotten in a lot of arguments lately about one of the latest “hot topics” in the end-user side of technology – privacy. With some of the biggest names in Social Media doing a really bad job of it (and I’m not even just talking about leaked passwords), it’s something that’s throwing itself in the face of many average, day-to-day computer users. Many in the security industry already know most of the things people are discovering, and have screamed warnings from the mountaintops to the folks below. Alas, this is the woe of being a security engineer. But here’s my gripe for you. Facebook has, as of April 2012, 901 million active members (according to Wikipedia). If Facebook were a country, it would be ranked 3rd in the world by population. And it seems every week, they’re in the news again, someone ranting about their privacy on Facebook. My fav... (more)

Citizen Journalism and Tweets Bring Haiti’s Horror to the World

Haiti on Ulitzer CNN has people on the ground in Port Au Prince. They use high performance satellite phones and transmission equipment to bring a few shots from Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta to world viewers.  That is what we expect from CNN. Then CNN begins the roll call of tweets from people within Haiti bringing real time news. Continuing with interviews using Skype with video direct from Haiti. And the innovative ideas on how to get the word out continue. Fox news, MSNBC, all the major US news sources quote the information they are getting from the ground, or show videos received via Twitter and other social media tools. Most of the news we are getting via Twitter and social media is raw, simply passing on a snapshot in time. Then the news casters, with their back office of analysts and experts, are able to translate the news into a consumable item for America... (more)

CloudCamp Haiti Fundraiser Jan 20, 2010

About CloudCamp Haiti (virtual unconference): CloudCamp Haiti is a virtual unconference held as a public webinar. CloudCamp-in-the-Cloud builds upon the popular CloudCamp format by providing a free and open place for the introduction and advancement of cloud computing. For this event, we are raising funds to donate to the aid effort in Haiti. Using an online meeting format attendees can exchange ideas, knowledge and information in a creative and supporting environment, advancing the current state of cloud computing and related technologies. Please help us spread the word, twitter, facebook, IM, tell your neighbours and friends. Hashtag #CloudCampHaiti or copy and paste this post on to your blog. Registration: http://cloudcamp-haiti-2010.eventbrite.com/ Date/Time: - Jan 20th 11:00am - 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) Location: - Online (GotoMeeting) Get involved: If you ... (more)

Social Media & Haiti

Haiti Earthquake on Ulitzer Thanks to social media, the word got out of ravaged Haiti immediately, people mobilized and money was raised instantly.   While this isn’t the first time it’s been a vital link in a crisis, it’s invigorating how social media has woven itself into the fabric of traditional media.   There was a time, not long ago, when major news organizations relied primarily on its own news gatherers to shape the story. Now an increasing number of media is open to – and relying on – citizen journalists to tell their tales.   With buildings crumbled, roads blocked, power out and land-lines dead, mainstream U.S. media relied heavily – especially on Tuesday and early Wednesday - on testimony accumulated from social media from Haitians and Americans. Cell phones, satellite broadband systems and Skype worked. Twitterfeeds provided a real time view of what was ... (more)

International CTIA WIRELESS 2010® Announces Day Three Keynote Roundtable Examining the Impact of Mobile Technology on Business, Entertainment and the Economy

International CTIA WIRELESS 2010® today announced the lineup for a special keynote panel that will focus on how mobile technology is transforming business, media and the economy. The roundtable, moderated by CNBC, will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 25, and feature Academy Award-Winning Director James Cameron; U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra; and Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone. International CTIA WIRELESS will take place March 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center; partner seminars will begin March 22. “Mobility is impacting everything we do,” said Robert Mesirow, vice president and show director for CTIA. “As we enter the ‘mobile decade,’ this impressive panel of luminaries will share their experiences with the transformative power of wireless, and their perspective on how technological innovation will continue to impact our lives.” CTIA also announced three ad... (more)

What Makes a Good Citizen Journalist?

Curiosity is the lifeblood of a citizen journalist Lots of folks ask us, “What makes a good citizen journalist?” The short answer is passion. But a good citizen journalist needs more than just passion. Six proficiencies that a good citizen journalist needs to develop are: Curiosity. Curiosity is the lifeblood of a good citizen journalist. It’s what keeps the mind alert and the stories coming. The mother of a childhood friend of mine once said, “All you boys do is go around turning over rocks to see what’s beneath them.” She was talking about our insatiable curiosity. A good citizen journalist always turns over rocks, opens closed doors, peeks behind the curtains and wonders, “What is all the commotion about?” Situational awareness. If you have this quality, it means that at all times you are aware of what is happening around you. Lots of people don’t pay any attent... (more)

The Networked Nonprofit

Beth Kanter and Allison Fine are giving a Berkman lunchtime talk on their book The Networked Nonprofit. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly. Not running a spellpchecker. Mangling other people’s ideas and words. You are warned, people.   Allison says that over the past few years, the question has emerged: What can nonprofits do with the new tools? The number of non-profits has grown over the past year. Non-profits now the tenth largest employer in the country. But the complexity of social problems is outpacing the capacity of any single organization to solve them. How could non-profits working through networks solve these problems? Non-networked non-profits work in silos, behind non-porous firewalls. Networked non-profits work up th... (more)

Immersive Video Available on iPhone 4 or iPad

XS2TheWorld, a mobile marketing and mobile application building specialist, has partnered with Transmission TX to launch 360° Video, a mobile app which puts the user at the centre of moving video, creating interactive, immersive worlds on the iPhone 4 and iPad. The app goes further than ever before in creating branded moving worlds that users can enter, control and explore. Working in a similar way to online 360° images, and using the accelerometer on the iPhone 4 and iPad, the mobile app places the viewer at the centre of moving footage so they can look around the environment and even interact with elements such as text, images or links. A brand could, for example, use this mobile marketing tool to create an immersive world from a skiing video, allowing the viewer to look up, down to the side and behind during a slalom run as if they were within the video ... (more)

3D Maps and the Real World of Mobile Workers

I read yesterday about Apple dumping Google Maps and making a big investment in their own 3D mapping technology solution.  I was interested specifically in the 3D aspect of Apple's announced mapping solution.  Since the real world is in 3D, the more 3D the better. A few years ago I worked on several mobile software projects with a facilities management company.  These projects were very interesting as they involved 3D considerations.  Facility managers need to know things like location and count of electrical outlets,  light fixtures, heaters, network cables and remodeling projects that are not included in the original plans.  Why?  It is their job to assess, maintain and repair the facilities and keep them compliant with local regulations and fire codes, so they must know what they are working on. In some cases, facilities management company will bring into a room 3D... (more)

Oracle Database Backups to the Amazon Cloud

The traditional way of performing backups includes using Oracle RMAN in combination with media management layer software ( typically Netbackup, Tivoli or similar ), which writes backup data to remote robotic tape unit. Tapes are then stored offsite to a secure location. It is well known fact that tape media poses certain challenges in reliability and physical manipulation areas. Cloud-based backups’ main attraction is that they are inherently disk based, always accessible, offsite and there are no capex expenditures. All tape related costs are thus eliminated. On the other hand new costs will be incurred for Cloud backups storage and service. Data is transferred over the public network i.e. Internet. Cloud based backups can be used for quick database refresh or duplication of source databases to any target environment. Practically you have an unlimited amount of s... (more)